The 12 Biggest Health Trends 2017

“Is it just us, or did 2017 roll out and we all jumped on board the wellness bandwagon? From mushroom lattes to gut-health diets (and inflammation-fighting foods), suddenly we’re all ditching the junk food in favor of healthy snacks and swapping out animal protein for veggie-packed meals. And that’s admirable. Keeping your body and mind in great shape is important for leading a long and happy life. But with the myriad of trends that come and go, deciphering the fads from the facts isn’t always easy.

So before you switch out your coffee for a golden latte (or a clear one), we tapped’s resident health expert, Jess Barron, to share the biggest health and wellness trends for the year so far (and what’s out). Buh-bye, soy milk:”

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