6 Ways a Holistic Approach Can Change Your Life

“Holistic has many definitions — some call it woo-woo, others spiritual, others educated. I like to think of a holistic life as a wise life; you live a life that you know will be better by looking at the big picture, living life as wholly and being aware of the impact of your action.

What we think, do, say, eat, practice and believe in, and our impact on others and the planet, are all reflections of how we choose to live our life. Let’s look at your life as a whole, and how you live.

Often being holistic has been mistaken with being spiritual. It’s not uncommon for spiritually-enlightened people to be holistic because they generally are more in tune with their action and impact. They get it, that they are part of a bigger picture, that their body is their number one tool, that the mind, body and soul are all connected, and we are all connected. What you put out, you get back.

So while there are definitely elements of spirituality I would argue that a holistic approach to life shows a deeper understanding that actions are felt by our body, by others, or by our environment as whole. We are brought up at school and at home to learn the basics of right and wrong, good and bad, and ethically how to behave in the world. However few of us are taught how to live a fulfilling, nourishing life outside of making money and just getting by.

A holistic approach to your body, mind and soul can not only transform your health and well-being, it can benefit your relationships, make you more patient, understanding, loving and generally help you to become more awake as a person in your day to day life. Below are six simple things you can do to help add to your life, by living from a holistic view:”

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