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What is the pathway to peace, to inner freedom, to open-hearted presence... In an uncertain world what matters and how
Worth listening to this Pema Chodron 35 minute talk that someone has recorded onto their personal footage. I love the
      An interesting and very relevant article, in view of the current state of the planet and humanity!
Watch this very interesting and for some controversial documentary about plant based eating versus a meat eating lifestyle. Your health
I am fortunate Reiki has been part of my life for over 20 years. It has helped me enormously and
ELDERBERRY could be the very thing you need to help combat the flu! The latest research has shown that "Compounds
"From practicing small (but mighty!) rituals to unplugging from the digital world, these wellness trends will be huge in 2019,
“This year, the wellness world got a makeover. People started having more open and honest conversations about mental health, green beauty went
"Cherry blossoms and rainbows, bubbles and googly eyes: Why do some things seem to create such universal joy? In this