‘Your Health Is Your Wealth’

‘Nourished Life’ as a one stop shop for all your toxin free natural skin care and beauty product needs.

Nourished Life offers  eco-friendly, affordable, seriously effective, truly natural and certified organic products from the world’s best brands. They do all the research and make sure that the products they sell are toxin free. Makes shopping a breeze with free shipping, honest reviews, huge choice and great rewards.

‘Remedy Kombucha’ as a healthy and very yummy alternative to sugar laden soft drinks.

“…a tasty drink with sweet and sour flavours that contains probiotics (aka healthy, living bacteria) and organic acids that are good for your gut and overall wellbeing, plus widely believed to have energising and healing properties.  Before you go passing it off as a fad, you should know that people around the world have been making and enjoying kombucha for thousands of years, particularly throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.”

‘Glow Inner Beauty Powder’ a healthy blend for making smoothies.

GLOW Inner Beauty Powder is your essential daily beauty blend, containing 24 Certified Organic, bio-fermented and probiotic superfoods, for good gut health and healthy, glowing skin.

“The probiotic-rich formula, with a delicious berry flavour, is packed with easily digested,  super-charged nutrients that are absorbed quickly and effectively by your cells to promote collagen synthesis and support skin radiance.”

‘The Edible Beauty Australia tea range’ a wide range of lovely herbal teas with therapeutic benefits.

“The Edible Beauty Australia tea range has been carefully crafted with your beauty in mind. Our Beauty Tea options not only taste delightful, they also contain medicinal herbs with therapeutic effects designed to be metabolically stimulating, detoxifying, skin healing and anti-ageing – enhancing your goddess glow, from the inside out.”

‘Banjo The Mint Carob Bear’ a great alternative treat to processed chocolate.

“There are millions of reasons why Carob is so good for you…

Carob found its way into a variety of cultures to serve many purposes. More recently we have discovered the reasons why carob is so prized as a health food.

Carob contains essential nutrients like vitamins A, B2, B3, B6 and D.

It is an excellent source of dietary fibre and contains a wealth of minerals, especially rich in calcium and iron.

100% Natural, preservative free, no added colours, no added flavours, no added sugars, 99% fat free, cholesterol free, caffeine free and theobromine free”.