11 Wellness Trends To Watch In 2019

“This year, the wellness world got a makeover. People started having more open and honest conversations about mental health, green beauty went mainstream, and CBD took over the world (that’s only a slight exaggeration).

All the while, as we called in last year’s trend report, people embraced intermittent fasting, breath-work gained traction, big food brands acquired smaller health-focused companies (case in point: the recent news that Kraft acquired Primal Kitchen and PepsiCo bought Health Warrior), and we all started to realise that social media might be contributing to our anxiety.

Building upon the progress we’ve made in 2018, we’re predicting that wellness will only continue to become more accessible and earth-friendly this year. Another big theme on our radar—one that we explored during this year’s revitalize event—is the blending of old and new.

More and more ancient practices that have withstood the test of time will enter mainstream consciousness, and we’re hoping this return to simplicity sparks a connection that’s real and timeless in all of us.”

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